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Old stereotype says that ladies like to speak on the phone much over men. In the age of clever rings, however, it looks like being online might be more fun than speaking.
According to a recent study by the Pew Institute, Berkman Middle at Harvard University, & teen girls take the initiative when it comes to mobile Web activity.
 30 percent of American teen girls are "mostly" Web users compared to twenty percent of boys.
Study, published in March in the use of expertise for about 800 teenagers aged 12 to 17 was conducted between July & September of 2012.
Girls who have mobile access to the Web on any phone or Tablet is 76 percent, over percent of boys.
It is likely for Web use of older girls to the 34 percent of teenage girls ages 14-17 says they go mostly online using their mobile rings, the top ten percent of teenage boys in the same age group. This is significant since girls & boys similar are likely to be owners of smartphones.
Though researchers are still uncertain why girls go on the Web on their rings than boys, & refers to this emerging trend.
"Even though the cells are mostly Web usage tracks with some of the same demographic trends over the possession of smartphones (such as age), sex, stands out as an important indicator in particular," the document said.
Amanda linhart, senior researcher at the Pew Web project & co-author of the document, indicating a feasible explanation: "girls often puts more calls & texts, & more usually use/applications & social networking sites over boys, reflecting the giant differences between the genders in contact further only occur through expertise," they says. " May be girls going online on their rings more for using the sites & applications that let them communicate more with friends, but they don't have hard numbers to show it. "
Sandra Cortese of the Berkman Middle & most of the authors of the document, suggests some feasible questions for future research:
Do you girls use their rings & tablets to the same things boys do?
Because girls use the Web mostly by phone, does that mean they use average amount online less time on their computers than boys do?
& more importantly, how can they reliably measure & capture what it means to "be online?" do you think about to be "online" If the application works on rings but they don't actively use it? What if I have multiple tabs open, they count only the tab I am watching activity?
Update: they asked you for your ideas about why girls are going online with their mobile rings more often than boys. Here are a few theories, most fascinating, surprising, & possibly that they received from our readers, & if nothing else, the responses received reveal some ideas that appear common on young ladies.(share your thoughts). 

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