Girls And Boys Using Computer Abilities

The ability of the computer: It is surprising to the extent that current research does not address
Differences in the ability of the computer between boys and girls in primary schools. To date,
No official search for this age group has been done. Research on the computer's capacity
For older students and adults it indicates that there is a strong relationship between
Trust and computer ability.2,7,8 males, who are generally more confident
Female, 2,3,6,7,8 assess themselves much higher in the computer's ability to do
Female. One can speculate that there is a similar relationship between computer
Confidence and ability for boys and girls primary, although more research is
Needed to support this theory.
Computer: Use Although computer attitudes differ between males and females, it is their
Use of computers and this is the most important. In other words, is the largest computer
Confidence in the boys 5-8 grades translate into increased use of computers? Of
The answer is yes for sure.
There is considerable evidence to suggest that boys more than girls use computers;
This difference, such as computer position, just in middle school shows. In one study
From 6800 student, and computer use by boys and girls in the fourth grade about
On an equal footing, but by the eighth grade, boys reported much higher and use.6
The adoption of the findings of this report by a number of works on a large scale
Boys and girls, and computer use
Is more interesting, and perhaps more useful, notice how boys and girls use
Computers, as well as how to behave while in these cases. Next
Observations have been made:
• Boys use computers more frequently than girls in their homes, and their friends. "
Houses, summer camps, clubs.6,11 and after school
• Boys use computers to play games, and use of educational software, and access to
Internet, while girls use computers for e-mail, instant messaging, and
• Boys tend to be more assertive and dominant on the use of computer and girls
Tend to be more passive.6,8
• Let teachers and girls give up easily the biggest of the boys when computer-related solution
• It seems that girls prefer to use computers for activities directed towards a particular goal with
contexts.8 meaningful
• Girls such as cooperative learning on the basis of the investigation and the diversity of topics.8
Strategies to address the difference between the sexes
There are a number of strategies that primary teacher can be used to address
Gender differences in computer use and attitude. The following suggestions
The positive development of computer culture: It is important for teachers to create
A clear set of rules and behaviors to use computers. A cooperative and supportive
The atmosphere needs to be emphasized. Simple rules like "never touch
Mouse of another student while he or she is using the computer "will reduce
Opportunities for students to take over or dominate the computer-based activity.
In addition, you should closely monitor the computer time. Finally, it should be girls
It encouraged not to give up too quickly. Teachers should provide thoughtful support

And hints rather than do the job for them.

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