Social Media and Secret Lives of American Teenage Girls

Once upon a time only the rich and privileged could afford to have their portraits small, select circle of artists. With the advent of photography parents all walks of life can have pictures of their children, who were coveted as the documents, their development and a way to show their innocent beauty and charm for family and friends.
Today, smart phones and social media, we are all in our hands the broadcast media, our pride and joy in the world. We cultivate our own line of children from birth - or even before, in the womb. Ninety-two percent of American children online presence under the age of 2. Parents after nearly 1,000 images of children on the Internet before their fifth birthday. «Sharenting» gave a new dimension to the parents: the audience with ratings.
The usual discussion focused on whether to post pictures of their children online - or allowing children to do it - is safe in terms of confidentiality or security. And as we saw in the recent kidnapping and murder of 13-year-old Nicole Lovell Blacksburg, Virginia, concerns about online predators are more than just a moral panic: they are caused by something real. Lovell reportedly corresponded with one of her alleged killer, 18-year-old David Eisenhower, Virginia Tech student, on Kik Messenger, famous among children as a place for the exchange of sexts and nude selfies app.
But while we are consumed tangible danger messenging services such as kick, Yik Yak, after-school and other anonymous apps, we may be missing various influences: our own behavior. Children today are often accused of being narcissistic, but they can teach their exhibitionist way from their parents. The boom in selfie culture accompanied by rising competitive spirit as well as the alarming trend of sexuality. He loves, heart, holding his finger - check is just one touch. And one of the easiest ways to get the check, looking hot. Sex sells, whether you are 13 or 35.

So it should come as no surprise that in this atmosphere, the new technology, and the exchange of sexting nude replaced by other forms of intimacy. And it's a girl - our daughters, granddaughters and nieces - who are most at risk in this online environment that combines age-old sexism to a new concept of sexual liberation through to be provocative. Girls who post provocative pictures often suffer slut shame on - and offline. Girls often focus on cyberbullying attacks that focus on their sexuality.
I spent the last two and a half years, the study of my new book, American women: social media and the secret life of teenagers visiting 10 countries and speak more than 200 girls. He was talking to the girls themselves, which led me to the issue of social media and what sexuality is doing everything to their psyche. How it affects their self-esteem? Tweens and teens, I spoke often been very concerned about the way the cultures of social media has an impact on their self-image and their relationships with friends and partners explore the potential. They were often very aware of the adverse effects of girls' sexuality - but are not always sure what to do about it.
"Sexism is filtered on a new arena, that adults do not see or understand, because they do not use social media as well," says Katie, a student who I interviewed in Barnard. "They think, Oh, how can there be nothing wrong here if it's just Snapchat and Instagram - it's just a game." But if this is a game unlike any other we have ever played. And the rate for girls could not be higher.
The victim is not a word I would use to describe the kind of girls I've seen, survive and thrive in the atmosphere that has become very hostile to them a lot of time. How can this be, when the girls graduated from college in amounts more than ever before, when they become leaders in their chosen fields in large quantities? From what we hear American women are among the most preferred and successful women in the world. But to say that the 13-year-old, who is called a whore, and feels that she can not go to a school class, because everything will be looked at her text messages about it on their phones.
So why do some girls after sexual photos? Why they are complicit in this potentially very self-undermining socialmedia aspect of culture? "I think it's just to get attention," explains Lily, 14-year-old in Garden City, New York, where I studied a group of girls for a book. "This should get love. All about love. "
If the construction of social media presence is similar to the construction of the brand, then it makes a twisted kind of sense of the girls - is subjected to sexualised images from a very early age and their parents called an obsession with self-adhesive promotion - advertise them online yourself with sex. By doing so, they are also an example of the most successful social media celebrities.

Percentage Of Girls Mobile Usage And Share Your Remarks

Old stereotype says that ladies like to speak on the phone much over men. In the age of clever rings, however, it looks like being online might be more fun than speaking.
According to a recent study by the Pew Institute, Berkman Middle at Harvard University, & teen girls take the initiative when it comes to mobile Web activity.
 30 percent of American teen girls are "mostly" Web users compared to twenty percent of boys.
Study, published in March in the use of expertise for about 800 teenagers aged 12 to 17 was conducted between July & September of 2012.
Girls who have mobile access to the Web on any phone or Tablet is 76 percent, over percent of boys.
It is likely for Web use of older girls to the 34 percent of teenage girls ages 14-17 says they go mostly online using their mobile rings, the top ten percent of teenage boys in the same age group. This is significant since girls & boys similar are likely to be owners of smartphones.
Though researchers are still uncertain why girls go on the Web on their rings than boys, & refers to this emerging trend.
"Even though the cells are mostly Web usage tracks with some of the same demographic trends over the possession of smartphones (such as age), sex, stands out as an important indicator in particular," the document said.
Amanda linhart, senior researcher at the Pew Web project & co-author of the document, indicating a feasible explanation: "girls often puts more calls & texts, & more usually use/applications & social networking sites over boys, reflecting the giant differences between the genders in contact further only occur through expertise," they says. " May be girls going online on their rings more for using the sites & applications that let them communicate more with friends, but they don't have hard numbers to show it. "
Sandra Cortese of the Berkman Middle & most of the authors of the document, suggests some feasible questions for future research:
Do you girls use their rings & tablets to the same things boys do?
Because girls use the Web mostly by phone, does that mean they use average amount online less time on their computers than boys do?
& more importantly, how can they reliably measure & capture what it means to "be online?" do you think about to be "online" If the application works on rings but they don't actively use it? What if I have multiple tabs open, they count only the tab I am watching activity?
Update: they asked you for your ideas about why girls are going online with their mobile rings more often than boys. Here are a few theories, most fascinating, surprising, & possibly that they received from our readers, & if nothing else, the responses received reveal some ideas that appear common on young ladies.(share your thoughts). 

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Girls And Boys Using Computer Abilities

The ability of the computer: It is surprising to the extent that current research does not address
Differences in the ability of the computer between boys and girls in primary schools. To date,
No official search for this age group has been done. Research on the computer's capacity
For older students and adults it indicates that there is a strong relationship between
Trust and computer ability.2,7,8 males, who are generally more confident
Female, 2,3,6,7,8 assess themselves much higher in the computer's ability to do
Female. One can speculate that there is a similar relationship between computer
Confidence and ability for boys and girls primary, although more research is
Needed to support this theory.
Computer: Use Although computer attitudes differ between males and females, it is their
Use of computers and this is the most important. In other words, is the largest computer
Confidence in the boys 5-8 grades translate into increased use of computers? Of
The answer is yes for sure.
There is considerable evidence to suggest that boys more than girls use computers;
This difference, such as computer position, just in middle school shows. In one study
From 6800 student, and computer use by boys and girls in the fourth grade about
On an equal footing, but by the eighth grade, boys reported much higher and use.6
The adoption of the findings of this report by a number of works on a large scale
Boys and girls, and computer use
Is more interesting, and perhaps more useful, notice how boys and girls use
Computers, as well as how to behave while in these cases. Next
Observations have been made:
• Boys use computers more frequently than girls in their homes, and their friends. "
Houses, summer camps, clubs.6,11 and after school
• Boys use computers to play games, and use of educational software, and access to
Internet, while girls use computers for e-mail, instant messaging, and
• Boys tend to be more assertive and dominant on the use of computer and girls
Tend to be more passive.6,8
• Let teachers and girls give up easily the biggest of the boys when computer-related solution
• It seems that girls prefer to use computers for activities directed towards a particular goal with
contexts.8 meaningful
• Girls such as cooperative learning on the basis of the investigation and the diversity of topics.8
Strategies to address the difference between the sexes
There are a number of strategies that primary teacher can be used to address
Gender differences in computer use and attitude. The following suggestions
The positive development of computer culture: It is important for teachers to create
A clear set of rules and behaviors to use computers. A cooperative and supportive
The atmosphere needs to be emphasized. Simple rules like "never touch
Mouse of another student while he or she is using the computer "will reduce
Opportunities for students to take over or dominate the computer-based activity.
In addition, you should closely monitor the computer time. Finally, it should be girls
It encouraged not to give up too quickly. Teachers should provide thoughtful support

And hints rather than do the job for them.

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